Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Love INC Resale Store

Volunteers serve in several areas connected with the Love INC Resale Store.  The Store serves two purposes within the Love INC ministry, it provides revenue to cover operating expenses (utilities, supplies, staffing etc.) and it provides goods for families with emergency needs.  Volunteer opportunities with the Resale Store include:

  • Cashier – if you enjoy talking to people, showing them Christ’s love, and answering some of their questions about Love INC, consider becoming one of our store cashiers.  (Yes men, you too are welcome to cashier).
  • Clothing – if you enjoy working more in the background, consider sorting, pricing and hanging clothing for the store.  We also have volunteers who help out by washing and drying clothing (washers and dryers on sight) and sorting shoes, linens, and blankets.
  • Household Goods – again, if you prefer to work behind the scenes, sorting, cleaning, pricing and placing household items in the store might appeal to you.  You would be amazed at the number of unique items Love INC receives each week!
  • Books – if you love to read, you might consider helping us sort books.
  • Donation Receiving – we are always in need of people willing to help donors unload donation items and perform preliminary sorting in the back room before the items are brought into the main sorting room.   We also are in need of strong volunteers to help donors unload larger furniture/appliance type items.
  • Furniture Department – if you enjoy talking with people and are willing to learn about pricing used furniture items, you may enjoy working in our furniture department.
  • Decorating – if you have a talent for decorating, you may enjoy joining our decorating volunteers.  They create beautiful displays throughout the resale store and the facility, often keying on holiday type themes.
  • Delivery Truck – we can always use strong, able bodied volunteers to help pick up furniture donations and deliver furniture to people in need.

Love INC Food Pantry

The Love INC Community Food Pantry is now serving close to 900 families each month.  Volunteers fill several roles in the pantry as well:

  • Shopping Assistant – if you enjoy talking to people and showing them Christ’s love, consider volunteering by escorting shoppers through the food pantry; it’s a great way to meet community members!
  • Pantry Stocker – we also need volunteers willing to repackage bulk items and help restock empty shelves during the day.
  • Tuesday evening window receptionist – we also need a volunteer willing to sign people in for pantry assistance at the receptionist window each Tuesday evening (4:45pm – 7:00pm)
  • Gardeners and Hunters for God – please consider planting an extra row of vegetables or fruit to share with the food pantry.  We were able to assist many families this past summer because of the wonderful produce growers, farmers, and gardeners shared with us.
  • Other volunteers have provided venison in the fall and farm animals they purchased from the fair in August – all are very welcome donations.
  • CROP Hunger Walk – each October the Newaygo/Grant CROP Hunger Walk is held.  Twenty-five percent of all funds raised for international poverty and hunger relief are given to the Love INC pantry. Participating in the walk is a great way to help missions internationally and right here in our own community.
  • Knitting Volunteers are needed to knit hats, mittens, and scarves and slippers for school age children each year.  We provide the items to school teachers, to the Snowflake Ministry for Christmas gifts and to Alpha Family Center.

Love INC Transformational Ministry consist of Growing Hope and Jobs for Life

Money Management Program (Growing Hope)

This 7-week program is designed to facilitate relationships between caring Christians and individuals or families in need. Trained Love INC volunteers come alongside people struggling financially and walk with them as they set and reach financial goals.  Personal relationships, mentoring, and accountability to biblical financial principles are the keys to helping people find financial freedom.  In addition, Love INC offers class participants the opportunity to attend a second one-hour class (bible study, life skills, nutrition, etc….the sky’s the limit!)  Below are some of the volunteer opportunities through this program:

  • Teacher – if you are skilled in the area of teaching, consider becoming one of our Money Management teachers.  Each 1-hour lesson is outlined in PowerPoint and very easy to follow.
  • Class advisors/mentors – we also need volunteers willing to sit in on some of the classes, help field questions from participants, help people set up their budgets, establish relationship, and, if participants desire, work with them after the 7-week course, in a one-on-one mentoring situation.  Mentoring holds people in an accountability situation as they continue down the pathway to financial stability.
  • Childcare providers – free childcare is offered to all families willing to take the Money Management course, if you are good with children and have a heart’s desire to see their parents become financially stable; this may be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you.  This is also a great opportunity for high school students looking for community service hours!
  • Hospitality/greeters – each week we provide participants with a snack, something to drink, and welcome them to class.  Our staff could use people to help with this part of the ministry as well.
  • Teachers of second hour classes (Personal Growth Classes) – just imagine the possibilities!  Oh the classes we could offer to community members if volunteers, willing to share their knowledge and talents, would come forward….Bible studies on various topics, cooking classes, small home repair, baking, job search/resume classes, etc.

Love INC Small Home Repairs

We are looking for individuals to help with small home repairs for our low-income clients. If you enjoy working on building projects, plumbing, electrical, etc. then consider volunteering or coordinating a group to do small home repair, please contact Kit at Love INC for more information.

Love INC Project Ramp

This program is a perfect example of how Love INC coordinates the talents of Christian volunteers with the needs of community members.  If someone is in need of a ramp, they can contact Love INC, a needs assessment (intake) is done, Project Ramp volunteers visit the family, draw up the ramp, get a materials estimate, help the family get the needed permit, and Love INC then works with the family to get the cost of the ramp taken care of.  The family’s pastor is asked to join the group and pray over the project on the day it begins.  Volunteers are needed to help with the ramp building.

Newsletter Assistance

Four times per year, Love INC sends out (delivers) newsletters to our area churches.  We are in need of volunteers willing to  help deliver them to the area churches.

Love INC Board Members and Committee Members

The primary purpose of the Love INC board of directors is to discern God’s will for our local Love INC.  Board directors are committed to the mission of Love INC (mobilizing the Church to transform lives and our community in the Name of Christ) and willing to volunteer sufficient time and resources to help achieve the mission.  Board committees such as the finance committee and the Marketing/Program and promotions committee also need non-board members to help achieve the mission.  If God has gifted you in finance, administration, public relations, fund raising, etc. please consider applying for the board or a committee position.

Prayer Intercessors

Has God put within you a burden for people who are hurting, helpless and in need?  Do you find yourself, while in prayer, often weeping for others, our community, our nation, our world?  Maybe God is calling you to intercede on behalf of Love INC on a regular basis.  Love In the Name of Christ (the Church) cannot transform lives for Christ without constant, daily prayer…for people in need…hurting, often not knowing the love Christ offers them…for our church and ministry leaders…that they will lead In the Name of Christ…..for our nation…that we will humble ourselves and seek God’s face.  Ask God if this is one way He would have you serve those in our community.

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