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Transformational Ministries

Transformational Ministry...Growing Hope in Newaygo County

Transformational Ministry (TM) addresses the problem of chronic need, and the lack of skills and support systems. It is not about us fixing people in need, but rather walking together, asking God to fix the brokenness in us all.

Love INC Transformational Ministry Programs are incentive-based with homework accountability requirements. Programs are designed to assist people facing financial and personal challenges. Prospective participants are referred to our Transformational Ministry Team through the Love INC Clearinghouse (Help Center), local agencies, partner churches, and by former program participants.

Program orientation and an interview are conducted with each potential participant to determine if he/she:

  • Is motivated and willing to pursue solution-based answers to ongoing barriers/needs.
  • Meets the program eligibility requirements.
  • Consents to work with church volunteers in a Christian-based program.
  • Agrees to abide by program guidelines


Growing Hope TM Programs Consist of Four (4) Parts:

1 – Affirming Potential class (14-week mandatory)
Affirming Potential is a life-changing, life-long journey to face and accept our past, to better understand our present, as we lean into and embrace our future. It builds upon the foundation that God has created us with intrinsic worth and unique potential.

This 14-week group class helps people:

  • Evaluate the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual areas of our lives.
    Identify the attitudes we project (negative and positive).
  • Take control of our emotions.
  • Understand the power of influence people have in our lives, both negative and positive.
  • Determine what we base our “truth” upon.
  • Understand the importance of having hope in our lives.
  • Develop a Life Purpose Statement (what we want our legacy to be).
  • Learn to dream again… or maybe dream for the first time.
  • Filter our dreams so they compliment our Life Purpose Statement, and not conflict with it.
  • Set goals and action steps around our dreams… steps that will help us to live out our God-given potential.
  • Build healthy relationships with those who share our journey.


2 – Financial Management class (14-week)
Participants learn to use basic budgeting tools during the 14-week class.

Lessons emphasize:

  • Organizing personal records & tracking spending
  • Setting financial goals & establishing a working budget (the envelope system)
  • Stewardship
  • Debt and ways to reduce debt
  • Spend less, earn more
  • Emergency funds
  • Insurance & taxes
  • Credit cards & credit reports
  • Decision making
  • Financial Mentoring / Life Coaching (3-15 months)


Money Management — After the 14-week budget class, second interviews are often conducted prior to a participant entering the financial mentoring phase. The mentoring portion of the program focuses on specific ways participants can assess and improve their own financial and life situations. Volunteer mentors help guide this process.

Mentoring often continues for an extended period of time (up to a year or more). Progress is assessed weekly through mentor reports. It is our desire that each person involved in Growing Hope would find financial, emotional, and spiritual stability in their life and, in turn, pass their knowledge on to another person in need.

3 – Personal Growth Classes (optional)
Program participants enrolled in the Growing Hope Transformational Ministry Program are also eligible and encouraged to participate in personal growth classes.

These optional classes address a variety of needs beyond financial management. Emotional, social, physical, and spiritual needs are addressed. Two or more personal growth classes are offered every 7-14 weeks. Classes may include Bible Studies, Cooking On A Budget, Gardening, Life Skills, Boundaries Classes, Gift Making, Job Skills, Car Care, Health & Nutrition, Home Repair, Parenting and more.

Childcare: Free childcare is offered to all program participants. It is a labor of love!

4 – Growing Hope 4 Work (GH4W)
Other transformational classes, like “Growing Hope 4 Work” are also offered periodically.

Growing Hope 4 Work provides a unique job readiness training and support strategy that empowers students to be successful at work and at life. The program is offered as a 7-week or more in-depth 14-week class with a combination of classroom instruction and individual group application activities.

Some of the program highlights include:

Biblically-based – Growing Hope 4 Work (GH4W) training is intended to help students engage in a journey. A journey from unemployment to employment or from under-employment to better employment. The course uses the Bible as a textbook, a tool that helps make sense of this journey.

Relationship-centered – Every student who participates in GH4W training is paired with mentors to provide ongoing support and encouragement. As a result, participants experience an extraordinary sense of community during GH4W classes.

For more information on current Growing Hope 4 Work locations and class schedules, please contact the Love INC Transformational Ministry Program staff at: 231-652-4099 ext. 115 or ext. 125

Class Location and Class Times
The Growing Hope TM Program meets on Monday evenings at Grant Wesleyan Church, 688 W. 112th St, Grant MI
5:45 pm – 6:50 pm: Personal Growth Classes, Affirming Potential Class, and Mentoring.
7:00 pm – 8:15 pm: Financial Management Classes and Mentoring.
NOTE… Dinner will be provided before class starting at 5:15 pm.

How Can You Get Involved in The TM Ministries? Become a Transformational Ministry Volunteer

Growing Hope is always in need of Christian mentors, teachers, and childcare workers. All mentors are trained by Growing Hope staff.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a mentor, a class teacher, or a childcare worker, please contact our office at 231-652-4099 ext. 125.

If you are interested in learning more about participating in the Growing Hope Program or becoming a volunteer, please contact our office at 231-652-4099 ext.115.

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